10 Quick Tips for Back Care

10 Quick Tips for Back Care

10 Quick Tips for Back Care

Tip 1 - exercise

Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes every day to activate your muscles to protect your spine.

Tip 2 - move regularly

Stand up and stretch every 30 minutes whilst sitting at work to counteract prolonged sitting and slouched postures (set an alarm on Outlook).

Tip 3 - stretch your chest

Stretch out the chest muscles for 1 minute every day to reverse the hunched position of sitting i.e. both arms either side of a doorway, and gently step through.

Tip 4 - stretch your spine

Extend the spine (arching backwards) for 1 minute every day for the same reason i.e. by lying over BakBalls, a Swiss ball or BakRoller.

Tip 5 - build strength

Strengthen the abdominal and back muscles to stabilise the ‘core’ and to enable the holding of good upright postures.

Tip 6 - cold mornings

Take it easy in the morning getting out of bed, washing/brushing hair and driving, as your body structures tend to be less flexible in the morning and prone to injury.

Tip 7 - lifting technique

Ensure you lift things by bending knees, keeping back straight, and keeping items close to you i.e. held close against your body, not out from your body, as this increases strain on your back.

Tip 8 - flip your mattress

Rotate your mattress every time you wash your sheets through each of the four possible positions to ensure even wearing and support.

Tip 9 - get a quality pillow

Ensure you use a supportive and comfortable pillow. If a side sleeper you need a thicker pillow, if tummy/back sleeper you need a flatter pillow.

Tip 10 - build up gradually

Gradually build up your levels of activity and exercise if coming off a low base to prevent a boom/bust cycle i.e. doing 3 hours of gardening on the weekend after sitting all week and wonder why your back hurts?

We've put together a handy poster you can print and stick on your fridge at home or desk at work to remind you of how to take care of your back.

Back Care Infographic