• I never leave home without Bakballs. Every day travelling and playing, I lay on them and allow my back to relax. I feel so much of a difference in the muscles and flexibility of my spine that it is now a permanent addition to my equipment kit! Everyone should have their own BAKBALLS.

    Natalie Cook OAM - Olympic Gold & Bronze Medallist - Beach Volleyball
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  • If I lost my BakBalls today, I would stop everything I was doing until I had another one in my possession. It is the single greatest product I have ever used.

    Article, The Age: How about a massage, sweetheart?

    Sam De Brito, Reporter
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  • I regularly recommend Bakballs as an effective way of self-mobilising the spine as an adjunct to exercise and manual physiotherapy techniques. Injuries to the spine are well documented in cricket fast bowlers and Bakballs are an integral part of maintaining spinal mobility as part of an injury prevention program.

    David Beakley - Sports Physiotherapist - Australian Cricket team & National Cricket Centre
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  • I received my Bakball some weeks ago and am now enjoying many pain free days, and nights. I was considering giving up my Army career due to back pain, but with the use of such a simple tool I can see many years of service in the future. Thanks for both checking up on how I am going and for giving me back my career.

    Jim – Army Officer
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  • Thanks for the bakballs I received a few weeks ago. After the first day, I found bakballs were amazing. I am far more mobile and it has been wonderful. Very helpful indeed and very useful for my regular long trips in the car after which I had previously been very stiff indeed ... but no more. I have been telling everyone how marvellous they are! Once again ... many thanks.

    Celia - Legal Secretary
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  • I have been using BakBalls now for about 6 months. It has relieved lots of neck pain and I have far less headaches. Whenever I feel my neck getting tight or my shoulders aching I use the bakballs. I hear some pops and cracks and know that I am right again. I have increased my flexibility and feel great. I have passed on the value to my family and friends.

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  • This is our second purchase from Bakphysio, and we could not be happier with not only the brilliant products but also with the outstanding service and support that we have received. They go above and beyond to make sure that amazing customer service is not just words but a company policy. A big thank you to Lauren for all your help.

    Earl and Nicola Hill – Tauranga, New Zealand
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  • I bought a Bakball off you about 15-20yrs ago, and I just wanted to say, thankyou! I still use your product at least once per week and get a lot of pain relief out of it. You’re a legend, thanks for creating a product that has made such a huge difference in my life.

    Rebecca Rees
    St Kilda, VIC