The New BakRest

The New BakRest

After many years of research and development, our revolutionary BakRest has finally arrived. The patented BakRest is easily installed onto any office chair or car seat and provides relief for your patients that feel back pain in sitting. It is perfectly suited to your corporate patients that sit all day in the office and also for those that drive for a career or have long daily driving commutes.

The BakRest was scientifically-designed by Mark Alexander, Olympic Sports Physiotherapist and the inventor of the Australian Physiotherapy Association-endorsed BakBalls, to enable back pain sufferers to sit pain-free.

Most ergonomic office chairs and car seats do not provide the necessary support to prevent slouching and the consequent flattening of the lumbar spine which can aggravate ‘flexion-related’ low back pain. Slouched ‘kyphotic’ sitting can also lead to neck pain as our heads and chins are forced to protrude forwards which excessively extends the cervical spine and loads the posterior musculature.

The BakRest can prevent back pain from developing through prolonged sitting as the BakRest’s contours perfectly match our spinal curvature in upright sitting. Research shows that disc pressure in upright supported sitting is less than unsupported sitting which may explain why the BakRest can relieve ‘flexion-related’ lumbar pain felt in sitting by maintaining a lordosis and preventing flexion.

Research has also found that supported sitting reduces muscle strain in the neck by preventing a ‘forward head’ posture. This may explain why the BakRest can prevent neck pain felt in sitting by correcting this ‘forward head’ posture and reducing posterior loading of the cervical spine. The BakRest pressure points also provide sensory ‘proprioceptive’ feedback which research shows can relieve pain potentially through increased positional awareness and reduced slouching.

The portable BakRest is easy to install on any office chair or car seat and can be customised for height and spinal curvature. Please see for more customisation details. 

Your patients can also use the BakRest on the floor as a ‘back-stretcher’ reversing the deleterious effects of slouching all day in prolonged sitting. Lying on the BakRest on the floor can directly relieve back pain by applying therapeutic force to your patient’s spine. The BakRest both extends the spine as well, mobilises the joints of the lower and middle back, and massages the back muscles. The BakRest perfectly complements the self-treatment devices, the BakBalls and the NeckRest, for providing back and neck pain relief.