How to Use Posture Master

Awareness of poor posture is the key to transforming bad habits and accurate real-time feedback enables us to change behavioural habits in an extremely short period of time. The Posture Master device attaches to your clothing or directly onto your skin with an adhesive patch and the micro-accelerometer accurately monitors the tilt angle of your back. By positioning your body in good posture, you strengthen your supporting muscles, building good muscle memory to re-educate your back and brain to ideal position.


The Posture Master can be either applied with one of the double-sided stickers directly onto your skin in the upper part of your chest (under your collar bone). Alternately you can use the clip included and fix the Posture Master to your bra or singlet. Make sure the arrow (↑) is facing up.


Sit or stand in the posture you would like to keep (when you are first starting don't pick a posture too extreme from your current posture, you need to build your strength gradually). Press the arrow once and when you feel a single vibration that posture has been stored. You can reset the posture desired by pressing the arrow button again.


If you are slouching for 60 seconds the Posture Master will vibrate gently to remind you to sit or stand up straight.


To turn the Posture Master off, simply press and hold the arrow button for 5 seconds. You will feel 2 vibrations from the device and this means it has been switched off. 

Note: Make sure the Posture Master is removed for bathing or swimming. It can be forgotten as it's so discrete but this potentially stop it working and void your warranty.