How to use the BakRest

How to use on a seat 

1.  Sit against the BakRest so the pressure is evenly distributed left and right. The BakRest will make you sit more upright which may be temporarily uncomfortable as your spine adapts to an ideal posture. Begin using BakRest for 15 minutes two times a day. Gradually increase your BakRest sitting time as tolerance allows and until it becomes a permanent fixture on the chair.

N.B. To avoid damaging the BakRest, don’t slide down the BakRest as you sit down. Sit on the front of your seat and then slide back into the BakRest.


2.To increase pain relief, push back into the BakRest, or stretch back over the BakRest with extended arms for 15 seconds. This will relieve back pain by reversing the effects of prolonged sitting. 


How to use on the floor 

Position A

Lying on the BakRest on the floor can directly relieve back pain by applying therapeutic force to your spine. This both extends the spine as well as directly mobilises the joints of the lower and middle back, and massages the back muscles. Initially position the larger segments in the lower back and lie on the BakRest for 1 minute each day gradually increasing the time as your tolerance allows. 

Position B

To increase the therapeutic pressure and flexibility of your spine, rotate the BakRest 180 degrees from Position A so the larger segments are now in the middle back between the shoulder blades. Initially lie on the BakRest in Position B for 1 minute each day gradually increasing the time as tolerance allows. 

Position C

To further increase the therapeutic pressure, extend both of your arms out to the side. This position stretches the chest muscles that become tight and short from prolonged sitting. Initially, lie on the BakRest in Position C for 1 minute each day gradually increasing the time as tolerance allows.


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