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BakPhysio is committed to empowering back pain sufferers, fitness enthusiasts and healthy lifestylers to relieve back pain and stiffness and maintain their spinal health. BakPhysio was founded by Mark Alexander, former Sports Physiotherapist to the Australian Olympic team, post-graduate University lecturer in Physiotherapy, author, and inventor of BakBalls.

Our vision is to relieve back pain and maintain spinal health by producing simple self-help devices, such as BakBalls and NeckRest, and educational material such as the back pain self-help book, Beating Back Pain. For over a decade, BakPhysio's dedicated team has built on this foundation and their products have made a difference in hundreds of thousands of people's lives. Read some of our testimonials.

These photos are from Mark Alexander's personal collection and do not represent an endorsement of BakBalls.

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In 2002, Mark Alexander, Physiotherapist to the Australian Olympic team, post-graduate University lecturer in Physiotherapy and back pain author, wanted a self-treatment device his patients could use in between treatment sessions to maintain their pain relief and spinal mobility. The BakBalls concept was born after Mark realised no such product existed. From 2002-2004, Mark experimented with different designs, manufacturers and prototypes to ensure the device effectively and safely relieved back pain and stiffness, and patented the unique scientific design in 2003. The company won the prestigious University of Queensland Enterprize Business Plan Competition in 2004 and Channel 9’s A Current Affair ran the BakBalls story nationally viewed by over a million viewers with over 2 million hits on the website.

The chair back support, BakRest, BakPhysio's second product, was released in 2009 and filled another gap in the market as no back supports effectively prevented back pain and stopped slouching in sitting. After years of R&D, BakRest's patented design was generated from 3D spinal research. At last people who felt back pain in sitting had a remedy to relieve their back pain. In 2009, BakRest won an esteemed business plan competition, the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Business School's Entrepreneurial Competition.

Mark released a back pain self-help book, Beating Back Pain in 2010. The book provides practical user-friendly tips to relieve back pain in both the back pain sufferer and active person. The book also outlines simple preventative strategies to keep back pain at bay. In 2016, Mark Alexander and Robert Gilmore, BakPhysio's industrial designer, finalised the design of a neck pain self-treatment device, NeckRest, which received rave reviews from health professionals and neck pain experts. 


BakPhysio is committed to making a difference to the community. BakPhysio's mission is to make a difference through its revolutionary products and educational material, but it has also provided financial support to the following charities: