We have selected a sample of the thousands of messages received from satisfied customers who regularly use BakPhysio products such as the Australian cricket team, Blackburn Rovers EPL soccer team, Natalie Cook (Olympic Gold & Bronze Medallist: Beach Volleyball 1996 & 2000), Richmond, West Coast Eagles and Fremantle AFL Clubs, Brisbane Broncos and North Queensland Cowboys Rugby League teams, Brad Kahlefeldt (Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist: 2006 Triathlon), and Greg Bennett (Australian Olympic Triathlete: 2004).



I never leave home without BakBalls. Every day travelling and playing, I lay on them and allow my back to relax. I feel so much of a difference in the muscles and flexibility of my spine that it is now a permanent addition to my equipment kit! Everyone should have their own BAKBALLS.

Natalie Cook OAM, Olympic Gold & Bronze Medallist, Beach Volleyball


If I lost my BakBalls today, I would stop everything I was doing until I had another one in my possession. It is the single greatest product I have ever used.

Article, The Age: How about a massage, sweetheart?

Sam De Brito, Reporter


I regularly recommend BakBalls as an effective way of self-mobilising the spine as an adjunct to exercise and manual physiotherapy techniques. Injuries to the spine are well documented in cricket fast bowlers and BakBalls are an integral part of maintaining spinal mobility as part of an injury prevention program.

David Beakley, Sports Physiotherapist, Australian Cricket team & National Cricket Centre


I have been using the BakBalls 2-3 times per week on my shins due to pain from shin splits. I have found that this, combined with a cold shower, has made a huge improvement on the level of pain I experience the day after a game. I have also started to use them before my games to massage my shins and calf muscles and have found this has decreased the amount of pain I experience during the game. 

Gen Devenish, AFL Victoria Female Umpire Academy 


I bought a Bakball off you about 15-20yrs ago, and I just wanted to say, thankyou! I still use your product at least once per week and get a lot of pain relief out of it. You’re a legend, thanks for creating a product that has made such a huge difference in my life.

Rebecca, St Kilda, VIC


I just received the parcel that you sent. I immediately did an unboxing of the NeckRest, and put it to work - what wonderful relief. I am looking at the range of products, shaking my head that such "simple" and robust products can bring the level of relief that they do. There are so many fancy, expensive products in this market space, and none of them perform anywhere near as well. Effective and simple - hallmarks of true greatness. Well done :-)

Richard Lane, VIC


This is, by far, the best product I have ever purchased, the amount of relief the BakBalls have given me is amazing. I absolutely swear by these.

Tony Lisci, Tarneit VIC


I pretty much use the BakBalls every evening at home and I love them. I usually have a ball of pain in the centre of my back and the BakBalls have provided huge relief. I loved the product so much I purchased the BakRest which is great for the office. I also bought some BakBalls for a member of my team who suffers from back pain. They make a great gift!

Deanne Pownall, Melbourne VIC


I am a Massage Therapist specialising in deep tissue remedial massage. Unfortunately I cannot massage myself, and can’t always get in to see a friend who I swap with. The BakBalls and the Trigger Ball keep me going between massages. I find I am able to get a good deep workout in my QL’s and to a degree Psoas. I would be absolutely buggered without my BakBalls. Thanks for a great product.

Ian Hurry, Massage Therapist, WA


I love my BakBalls. I've been using the one at the Pilates studio for a long time and have always got relief. Having my own now means I can take it with me when I travel.

Anna Hughes, Melbourne VIC


I am 200% happy and satisfied with the product. It's hard to believe that something so simple works so well. I've already referred 3 of my friends who suffer from back pain to the BakPhysio website. Thank you :)

Rebecca Myers, Millers Point NSW


My strength & hypertrophic training, combined with a lower back "history", means that the product is used on a daily basis to ensure that my muscles are properly 'triggered' and activated before starting my foam roller & dynamic warm-up routine. It only took me a few sessions before I was able to use it on a hard floor, and I appreciate the information on the package regarding ways to open up the muscles of the spinal column so as to generate more of a response from the fascia underneath. Thank you for a great product!

Tim McClew, Rose Bay NSW


I have found the BakBalls to very helpful in keeping my back flexible and pain free. Thank you for your great product.

Colin Chambers, Gymea Bay NSW


The BakBalls are great guys, my sister has one now and a few of my surfing buddies have them too. They are great after a surf.

Lachlan Garvey


Fantastic product - simple design - easy to use and actually works.

Damian, NSW


I turned 50 this year, when I was 27 I injured my back at work, resulting in 2 disc bulges. I work as a support worker with people with physical disabilities and ride horses. My back gets a bit of a pounding. I call myself a therapist junkie. I would write a thesis if I listed every type of treatment, gadget and supplement I've tried. I saw BakBalls on a shelf when buying one of my many bandaids. I knew nothing about them. I can't believe they have been around so long and I've been suffering without them. They are maintaining me between treatments. They have literally changed my life.

Fran Brennan, Support Worker


I received my BakBalls some weeks ago and am now enjoying many pain free days, and nights. I was considering giving up my Army career due to back pain, but with the use of such a simple tool I can see many years of service in the future. Thanks for both checking up on how I am going and for giving me back my career.

Jim, Army Officer


I get stiff and sore in the back and across the shoulders as do all of my fellow cabbies. I tried injections, creams and chiropractors for 2 years but nothing was fixing it. But after using BakBalls, I am a new man. I can now drive pain-free and touch my toes no problems

Mike Younger, Taxi Driver


I love to get on the BakBalls every day as they give me immediate relief. They are much better than golf balls and tennis balls as they are just the right size to hit the knots just like a massage or physio. I don't leave home without them.

Brad Kahlefeldt, Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist and Olympic Triathlete


Just a quick note to say that your BakBalls are awesome. Very sore back all day, ten minutes on the balls, feeling good as new. BakBalls have made my life better since I bought them in 2004.

Craig, University Professor


Whenever I go overseas there are only 5 things I must remember: passport, medication, phone, wallet, BakBalls - everything else I can buy in an airport. Sometimes after sitting through 8 hours of a conference in a cheap chair the BakBalls are a real savior.



Thanks for the BakBalls I received a few weeks ago. After the first day, I found BakBalls were amazing. I am far more mobile and it has been wonderful. Very helpful indeed and very useful for my regular long trips in the car after which I had previously been very stiff indeed ... but no more. I have been telling everyone how marvellous they are! Once again ... many thanks.

Celia, Legal Secretary


We have introduced BakBalls into our flexibility sessions this year. The players find them effective and easy to use. They are a great innovation.

Rob Godbolt, Brisbane Broncos Physiotherapist


The Australian Socceroos in the Blackburn Rovers love the BakBalls.

David, Blackburn Rovers Premier League Physiotherapist


I am getting used to the BakBalls which I use mainly while driving to and from work. It definitely provides relief from the stiffness especially after a long day. Thank you!

Soni, Dentist


I can't leave home without my BakBalls. I am afraid to lose my only one so decided to buy a few to be safe. It is priceless. Great product! I am a believer in your product.



My back was dud before I went to work two days ago, and it wasn't any better at all when I got home. Tried the BakBalls as I got into bed as per the instructions, put them away and went to sleep. Woke up yesterday and couldn't feel a thing. No back pain. None. Zip. Went out and photographed junior cricket, had a mountain bike club meeting after lunch, went out on my bike later in the afternoon. By the time I got to bed after several hours of computer work, there was a bit of back pain. Same routine last night and this morning very little back pain. In case you didn't already know, your product works!

Gordon, Photographer


I purchased BakBalls and BakRest from your site a few months ago and the results have been excellent. I jump on the BakBalls each night and it is terrific at working the knots out from the middle and upper back. I have an L5/S1 disc bulge which occurred some 9 months ago. It was debilitating for about 5 months but has settled down now to the point where I can sit again and function reasonably normally, so long as I do stretches and BakBalls each night.

Mark, Strategy Manager


I had been suffering from referred pain down my legs from the sciatic nerve for a few years. It was worse when I lay down in bed. The result was that after about 10 minutes in bed my legs ached so much that I could not get to, or stay, asleep. At the Pier to Pub swim at Lorne in January 2011 my wife noticed the promotional tent for the BakBalls. I have been (and still am) skeptical of "instant" remedies and "shonky" sales people. I was encouraged to at least listen to Mark about the product and to try it under his instruction. To my surprise what he said made sense and the trial felt nice. After using the BakBalls for several nights, the referred pain had reduced to a level that I could manage to get some sleep. Occasionally I would wake shortly after midnight with the pain. I would use the BakBalls for 15 minutes and then go to sleep without pain. It is also great to relieve the gluteal pain on the outer hip. Since then I use the BakBalls on alternate nights and my problem is kept under control. I have recommended them to many friends who have similar pain problems. Now whenever I pack to go away the FIRST item that goes into my bag is the BakBalls! At my age, my stiffness and referred pain probably won't be cured but I am very happy that I can manage it easily and without a massive medical bill. JUST BUY IT!

Graham, Hawthorn


I am 55 years old and have had back problems for about 20 years now, as a result of many high level activities in a range of sports, from rugby, skiing, squash, golf, as well as hard gardening work. For many years now I had been visiting a chiropractor and had to have a session about 2 times a month to keep in reasonable shape. However since I started using the BakBalls about 12 months ago I have not had to go to the chiropractor at all, and have been able to totally manage my back shape with regular daily use of the BakBalls. This is not only saving me in time but is saving me about $80 per month. Not bad for a $40 investment!! I use it twice a day usually and find it especially useful if I have a hard day in the garden or have played a lot of golf. I can only speak of the BakBalls in the highest of terms. I have now referred about a dozen people to the use of BakBalls and all have been very impressed. Thank you for designing it and making it available to those of us who suffer from bad backs.



I have been using BakBalls now for about 6 months. It has relieved lots of neck pain and I have far less headaches. Whenever I feel my neck getting tight or my shoulders aching I use the BakBalls. I hear some pops and cracks and know that I am right again. I have increased my flexibility and feel great. I have passed on the value to my family and friends.



This is our second purchase from BakPhysio, and we could not be happier with not only the brilliant products but also with the outstanding service and support that we have received. They go above and beyond to make sure that amazing customer service is not just words but a company policy. A big thank you to Lauren for all your help.

Earl and Nicola Hill, Tauranga NZ



The BakRest is fantastic. I have the BakBalls as well. To create a device that makes such a monumental difference to one's spinal health in such a small, simple and portable form is an amazing accomplishment. You have my sincere gratitude for marketing such a wonderful invention.



I use the BakRest on a daily basis while at work, the BakRest is great! I have had ongoing back & neck problems and the BakRest definitely makes me sit in the right position while at my desk, which ultimately improves my posture.

Erin, Consultant


I tested your BakRest and found it very good to take out heavy bumps in a ‘cabover’ truck on the rough roads that we travel on in Australia. In my instance, it was very good if you adjusted the seat to the fully back position. I think it would be very good for people with back problems, which is most likely anyone who drives a ‘cabover’ or prime-mover.

Ian, Truck Driver


I got so much back pain relief from the BakRest during a long trip to Queensland. I keep mine for the car and use it everyday when going about the town. I don't bother to bring it into the house.

Carole, Driver