Media & Awards


BakBalls has received significant publicity on national television, newspapers, magazines and from Private Health Insurers since the product launch in 2004.

A Current Affair A Current Affair, Channel 9 (2004)
Highlighting the benefits of BakBalls use for people with back pain and stiffness


LinkedIn (2017)
Attacking the opioid crisis on a budget: 8 Innovative ideas

La Trobe University

La Trobe University, Back in business (2017)
Physiotherapist becomes entrepreneur

Eat Pray Workout

Eat Pray Workout (2017)
How to reduce neck & shoulder tension
Author: Amy Darcy

NZTRI NZ TRI, AUT University (2016)
Olympic Expert's Insight on Sports Injuries and High Performance
Fitness in the City Fitness in the City (2016)
Recover like an Olympian: How athletes train whilst minimizing the risk of injuries
Mama Fashionista Mama Fashionista (2016)
Olympic Sports Therapist on how athletes can take care of their body while training
Health Times Health Times (2016)
Sports physiotherapy inside the Australian Olympic Team
Author: Karen Keast
Swimming Science

Swimming Science (2016)
Tips to Prevent Common Swimming Injuries
Author: Dr John Mullen

Washington's Top News Washington’s Top News (2016)
Former Olympic trainer invents portable treatment for back pain for everyone
Author: Noah Frank
Medical Daily Medical Daily (2016)
Inside 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio: How to prepare an elite athlete
Author: Samantha Olsen
Women's Fitness Women’s Fitness (2016)
5 recovery tips for your next tough workout
Michael Wood Fitness Michael Wood Fitness (2016)
It's not all in your head, but...: How our pain experience is affected by non-physical factors
Inside Hook

Inside Hook (2016)
How athletes avoid getting old, weak and (huff, huff) decrepit: A few Olympic secrets that'll keep you from falling apart
Author: Reuben Brody

Medibank Medibank Private Health Insurance (2013)
10 Tips for reducing back and neck pain at work
The Age The Age (2013)
How about a massage, sweetheart?
Author: Sam de Brito
The Sydney Morning Herald The Sydney Morning Herald (2013)
Back pain relief
single greatest product I've ever used"
The Canberra Times Canberra Times (2013)
Back pain relief

The University of Melbourne

Melbourne Business School Today (2009)
MUEC winner sitting pretty
Dragon's Den BBC Dragon's Den, Channel 7 (2005)
BakBalls on Dragon's Den
THE BULLETIN The Bulletin (2005)
Back to the Future
Australian Institute of Management Management Today (2005)
A Smart Way to Encourage Innovation
The University of Queensland UQ News Online (2005)
Inventor No One Hit Wonder
The University of Queensland UQ News (2004)
Self-treatment device for back pain wins UQ Business School competition
Herald Sun Herald Sun (2004)
$100,000 pat on the back



BakBalls have won several awards including:
The University of Queensland 2004: University of Queensland Enterprize Business Plan competition
Australian Physiotherapy Association 2005: Australian Physiotherapy Association International Innovation Award

BakPhysio's second product, BakRest, won:

The University of Melbourne 2009: Melbourne University Entrepreneurial Competition