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Mark Alexander

BakPhysio Pty Ltd’s founder, inventor and Managing Director Mark Alexander is a world-renowned charismatic public speaker, who has won numerous business, innovation, and entrepreneurial awards.

Mark has that rare triad of experiences: high performance sport; high performance business; and high performance sports medicine and is a charismatic international presenter who has integrated lessons from gold medal winning Olympians, high performance medicine and high performance.


Mark has spoken at:

  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • Cisco
  • Filex Conference 2016
  • Melbourne Business School
  • La Trobe University
  • Western Water

Among the topics Mark is available to speak about are:

High Performance Health:
Strategies to maintain peak health and productivity in the workplace through exercise, posture, diet and sleep

Mark covers the mental and physical secrets found in Olympic gold medalists, and also dispels numerous high performance myths whilst covering the medical facts around evidence-based high performance featuring the latest research in this area.

Preventing back pain and poor posture at work 

Mark will make you laugh in this uniquely practical and funny presentation where he demonstrates practical tips on relieving back pain and permanently prevent poor postures. Attendees will learn how to sit, stand, bend and stretch effectively for pain relief and optimal productivity.

Tips to recover like an Olympic athlete: 
Minimizing the risk of injuries after intense workout sessions

Self-management strategies are presented so attendees can stretch and exercise at home to relieve pain and prevent injury.

High Performance Business: 
Business lessons from elite sports and Olympic gold medalists

Mark distills the key ingredients that make up peak performers, and creates a blueprint for creating a peak performing business to bring a winning edge to your organisation. 

Excerpt of Mark presenting on Peak Performance:

Preventing neck pain

After the big success of BakBalls, Mark recently launched his new product NeckRest, which can provide relief for sufferers of neck pain and headaches.


If you are interested in inviting Mark to one of your speaking events, please contact us on