BakRest Assembly and Installation

1. Clip the single strap into the top of the BakRest, and the double strap into the bottom. If you've purchased the Extended BakRest with the additional medium BakRest unit, attach this to the top before the single strap. Or if you have customised and purchased the Streamlined BakRest configure the BakRest as per instructions below first before installing.

2. Place the BakRest centrally on your seat and pass the single strap over the top of your chair and two straps around the base of your chair. For use in your car, pass the two bottom straps through the gap between the seat and chair back.

3. Fasten the two plastic clips and then tighten the strap behind your seat. In some cars, you may need to unclip the seat backing under the seat to be able to pass the straps through.

4. Position the bottom of the BakRest 10cm above your seat to prevent any pressure on your tailbone.

For more information you can watch videos on how BakRest works, how to assemble and install and how to use the BakRest here.



If you are taller than 5’10” or 178cm, you may need more support in your middle back especially when using the BakRest in your car therefore you should purchase the Extended BakRest. This comes with the Standard BakRest plus one additional medium BakRest unit.

If your chair has minimal low back support, the Standard BakRest is ideal. If you desire less pressure and your chair or care seat already has moderate low back support, the Streamlined BakRest is recommended. This comes with the Standard BakRest plus 3 additional small BakRest units. To configure the Streamlined BakRest option from the bottom, you should have one small unit, two medium units and then two small units at the top. For more information on changing the units watch the 'how to use' videos.